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Dart Controls Celebrates 50 Years of Service to Industry

Dart Controls is extremely proud to announce we have reached our 50th year of service. We felt it was not only important to celebrate this milestone but to take the time to recognize and thank the people who helped us get here. On June 19th our owners, management and associates, local and state government representatives as well … Continued

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Are Brushless DC Motors Right For You?

Over the past 50 years, Dart Controls has always been about innovation. Staying ahead of the technology curve gives our customers an extra edge over their competition. One product we embraced early on is the brushless DC motor.  Introduced in the 1960s, the brushless DC motor brought with it a number of benefits. Unlike AC … Continued

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Long Live Direct Current Motors

Reports of the death of DC motors and drives “have been greatly exaggerated” (to borrow from a well-known writer). For over 30 years, industry pundits have been predicting the demise of the DC motor/drive market, in favor of AC. Yet DC stubbornly clings to life. A DC drive is a direct-current motor speed control system. … Continued

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Implementing LEAN at Dart Controls

A common misconception about LEAN is that it’s only about quality or continuous improvement.  And some believe that LEAN manufacturing process is only about the concept of “just in time delivery.” These are aspects of the overall LEAN manufacturing process, but there are so many other aspects that make up LEAN.  We look at LEAN … Continued

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Just How Smart Is Too Smart for Motor Controls?

Motor control makers are increasingly turning to protocols such as the Ethernet family to network the machines their products operate. According to IMS Research, the use of Ethernet in motor drives and motion controllers will “more than triple” by 2016. As this conversion progresses, the creation of networked manufacturing facilities also creates the possibility of … Continued

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Lean Manufacturing Benefits Everyone!

Lean manufacturing dictates that the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and should be a target for elimination. It’s a philosophy that is aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing waste, a philosophy that Dart Controls has embraced wholeheartedly. Over the last decade, Dart has implemented … Continued

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Dart Controls: The Company You Want To Do Business With!

Founded in 1963, based out of Zionsville, Indiana, Dart Controls has been an innovator in the DC drives market. We are known for designing and manufacturing variable speed drives, controls and accessories for motors. Our goal is to make our company your number one choice to do business with. Throughout the years, Dart Controls has … Continued

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Digital DC Drives Enhance Conveyor Oven Applications

Baking, curing, heat-treating and drying ovens use conveyors to move product through the process quickly and efficiently.  Dart Controls offers Digital DC Drives and Digital Accessories that provide several unique enhancements for these applications: Ability to display ‘Time in Process’ in MM:SS or HH:MM Closed-loop speed regulation ensures consistent results Auto / Manual operation where … Continued

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Chemical Feed Pump Controls From Dart

Only Dart Controls can offer Digital DC Motor Controls ideally suited for injection, treatment and batching pumps up to 2HP.  Dart also offers more traditional drives with isolated signal follower inputs and integral Auto / Manual switch.  See the application note for more information.

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!! Dart Releases Economical NEMA 4/4X Speed Sensor

Dart Controls is now offering the most economical NEMA 4/4X rated speed sensor on the market.  Excellent for outdoor duty / wash down applications, the PU-R Series comes in a variety of outputs from 1 to 20 pulses/revolution.  These sensors are performance-matched for use with all Dart Digital Drives and Digital Accessories.  The PU-R uses a sealed stainless … Continued

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