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The Value of Digital Motor Speed Control

Digital motor speed controls (‘digital controls’) are for the purposes of this discussion microprocessor based, user configurable speed controls for DC permanent magnet (DCPM) motors or digital speed potentiometers¹ for use with AC VFD’s.  The digital concept was developed in the mid-80’s to solve a customer need for accurate, repeatable speed control of a pizza … Continued

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Dart Awarded 3rd Top Performance Award in 5 Years

Dart Controls was presented with a 2015 Partners in Performance Award as part of Grainger’s annual supplier recognition event in Chicago March 14, 2016. Grainger, the leading broad line supplier of maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) products serving businesses and institutions, presents the yearly award to a select group of suppliers for outstanding performance throughout the … Continued

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What Is the Big Deal About Closed Loop?

Closed Loop in the vernacular of motor speed control involves the verification of the motor’s actual speed back to the drive, for automatic adjustment to maintain constant speed under changing motor load, ambient and drive supply voltage conditions. Phew! So what is the big deal about closed loop? There are many applications where speed accuracy … Continued

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New TechTalk Support Portal

One of the most important activities we at Dart engage in every day is discussing motor control applications with our customers.  This interaction early in the customer’s design process avoids problems and identifies additional features and benefits that may not have been apparent. Dart has been involved in so many of these conversations over the … Continued

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The Least Understood Critical Component

The explosion of motor use in retail and commercial products is staggering.  Example – a luxury automobile today may use as many as 120 electric motors!  Stop and think about all the items in your home that have a motor – your toothbrush, kid’s Lego set, garage door, window shades, Roomba vacuum, pet food dispenser, … Continued

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Need To Cross-Reference a DC Drive?

Over the years a number of DC drive suppliers have left the market or consolidated with other suppliers.  Dart Controls has a complete line of DC drives, options and accessories available for fast delivery that can be used to replace, retrofit and upgrade existing drives from many other former and current brands.  We have an … Continued

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How Dart Manages Customer’s Cost – An Example

Quality and Customer Service are terms that seem to be overused these days.  It can be said customers expect these from their suppliers, and rightfully so. In our Management Meeting this week our Production Manager made us aware of a new policy implemented by UPS and FedEx as of January 1 – “dimensional weight”.  Previously … Continued

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DC Motors: Why and How Brushless is Better

No matter the application, when it comes to motor technology there are several options. Within DC technology one of the first—and biggest—decisions is whether to choose a brushed or brushless DC motor. More and more designers are choosing brushless DC (BLDC) motors for a variety of reasons, as this option has become more economically feasible … Continued

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The Multiple Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

These days, in a manufacturing landscape in which competition is at its highest, efficiency makes all the difference between mere surviving and true success. The most profitable businesses make use of tools and strategies that eliminate waste while increasing value, and one of the most successful means of doing so is through the use of … Continued

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Dart Controls: Quality Products, Exceptional Employees

A company—no matter what that company makes—is only as good as the people it employs. They are truly the backbone, heart, and face of any manufacturer. And while it may seem self-explanatory to state how important employee morale is, it’s equally surprising to find out how often it goes overlooked. Employee morale is fundamental and … Continued

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