65E-Low Voltage PWM Drive (60A)


RoHS Compliant

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A high performance control for 12, 24, and 36 volt battery powered equipment providing smooth control with high efficiency. The 65 Series is a pulse width modulated battery control utilizing power FET’s. The control’s advanced design permits a substantial increase in the equipment running time between charges over conventional techniques. The adjustable current limit feature protects the control, battery, and motor from sustained overloads. The higher capacity models also provide thermal protection. Dart’s 65 Series control is designed for heavy duty battery operated PM motors, such as: power floor scrubbers, small personnel carriers, AGV’s, agricultural sprayers and a vast variety of portable equipment.


65E40-12120-1240 / 480W> Saves battery charge for longer operation / life
> High efficiency MOSFET's reduce voltage drop
> Speed regulation is ±1% of base speed
> Adjustable MAX and MIN speed; IR COMP; CUR LIM; ACCEL
> Accepts 0-10Vdc speed signals
> Inhibit input for low power start/stop switching
> Current limit
65E60-12120-1260 / 720W
65E4024-360-INPUT40 / 1440W
65E6024-360-INPUT60 / 2160W