PU Series Speed Pickup

                       PU-E Series


                                                                                   PU-R Series

     RoHS Compliant

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The PU Series pick-up is an economical and reliable way to monitor motor speed. Its unique design provides ease of installation in otherwise difficult to reach areas. The PU pick-up operates at a 5 to 24 volt level producing a sharp square wave output, which may be fed into Dart’s field programmable tachometer, closed-loop control, counter, or any other digital device.

There are two versions of the product:  The PU-E is rated for indoor industrial applications.  The NEW PU-R is rated NEMA 4 for outdoor applications where temperature, humidity, rain and dust are present.  The PU-R is also recommended for applications where water washdown is expected.

Completely self contained, the PU Series eliminates the alignment hassle found with other devices.  Encapsulated sensor head is dust and dirt resistant.  Includes 6 feet of highly flexible, UV resistant cable.  An excellent ‘Motor Not Running’ feedback device to plc/SCADA systems.

PU-2EPU-2R1 Pulse/rev (PPR)
PU-20EPU-20R10 PPR
PU-40EPU-40R20 PPR