ASP40 SMART Speed Pot

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The Accu-Set Plus SMART (closed-loop) potentiometer is a compact, microprocessor-based unit capable of being either field or factory configured for a number of industry’s motion control needs. The Accu-Set Plus is designed around a velocity form PID algorithm, and provides a DC “speedpot” signal to an external drive. A flexible Open-Loop mode is also available for applications where using a speed pickup isn’t practical or desired. The Accu-Set Plus is easily configured to operate as a digital speed controller, time-based process controller, or a ratiometric follower controller in master-slave systems. Featuring Dart’s new ModularBus expansion slot architecture, the Accu-Set Plus is ideal for volume OEM Adjustable Speed Control applications requiring specialized inputs and outputs, such as our OPT420 optically-isolated 4-20mA I/O card that comes factory-installed in the ASP40-420. Contact Dart Controls’ Sales Department for details. The Accu-Set Plus is ideal for applications such as Water and Waste Treatment Systems, Conveyor Oven Controllers and Synchronized Conveyor Lines, to name a few.

The NEW -51 Option adds serial communication capability to the ASP Plus.  RS232 and RS485 protocols are supported.

The ASP40’s Durable 1/8 DIN NEMA 4/4X aluminum housings can be easily mounted in a panel or control cabinet. The new optional pluggable terminal block allows the user to quickly install or replace units without the hassle of physically removing and reattaching wires. The units can be ordered with either the standard European-style 5mm terminal block or the optional “pluggable” connector.

ASP40 (Closed Loop) Potentiometer1/8 DIN PANEL MOUNT120/2403-wire (to any drive's speed pot circuit)> Microprocessor-based design
> ModularBus expansion accomodates a wide variety of I/O
> Ideal for PLC/SCADA controlled systems
> Digital closed-loop P-I-D algorithm delivers accuracy of ± 1/2 pulse (feedback)
> Optional open-loop operation available
> Non-volatile memory maintains user configuration
> Field programmable
> Speed profile parameters include MIN, MAX, ACCEL, DECEL
> Programming lockout feature
> Universal power supply accepts any line voltage inputs from 85-250VAC @ 50-60Hz
> Transient voltage protection
> Compatible with many speed feedback sensors including Dart PU Series Hall-Effect
> Two programmable alarm/status outputs
> Configurable user inputs support Inhibit, Emergency-Stop, and Jog functionality
> Large 4 digit, 1/2” LED display configurable in rate or time units, including decimal point
> Multiple operating modes including Master and Follower
> NEMA 4X when used with gasket (provided)
ASP40-420 (Closed-Loop) Potentiometer With Optional 4-20mA In/Out Card1/8 DIN PANEL MOUNT120/2403-wire (to any drive's speed pot circuit)
-51: Optional RS232/ 485 Serial Communication Card (Field Installed)Option CardRS232/485 Serial; potentiometer, 0-5VDC or 4-20mAInstalls in connector in ASP40 top board

* Shipped set for 0-3600 RPM with one pulse per revolution
These closed loop devices require an encoder / speed pick-up.  The Dart PU-E is an excellent choice!