Low Voltage DC Controls

The advent of lithium battery technology has caused an explosion in development of low voltage battery powered options for traditionally line voltage powered equipment. Dart customers expect the performance and features found in these 12-48VDC PWM low voltage motor speed controls.

65E10 / 65E20 Series Chassis Model65E10/20 Series 65E10 NEMA 4X Enclosed


Compact PWM motor speed control for low voltage applications
Rated for 10 or 20 amps continuous current, the 65E10/65E20 Series are compact PWM controls for 12 thru 48 volt DC (jumper selectable) battery powered applications. Features include adjustable maximum speed, minimum speed, current limit, I.R. compensation, and acceleration, plus a quiet operating frequency of 18kHz.  NEW FEATURES include current limit shutdown and drive status LED’s.

65E40/60 Series


PWM motor speed control for low voltage applications rated to 2000W
65E Series standard features include: Adjustable MIN, MAX, ACCEL, IR COMP, and CUR LIM, low battery compensation, analog armature feedback, speed potentiometer with leads, knob and dial plate. Available for 12 thru 36DVC, 40 and 60 Amp continuous motor ratings.