530B 3HP DC Speed Control

500 SERIESagency_cruus RoHS Compliant

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Dart’s top of the line DC speed control is reliable, versatile, and economical. Rated to 3 horsepower, it provides many standard features typically offered as options. The Dart 500 Series control combines advanced engineering design, careful component selection and rigorous quality control to deliver an excellent off-the-shelf SCR control. Dependable, time-proven circuitry offers performance characteristics previously available only in more costly controls. While providing a wide range of standard features, many options quickly and easily extend the 500 Series capabilities to meet specific application requirements. An integral part of a distinguished line of quality products, the 500 Series is representative of Dart’s continuing effort to provide reliable, versatile controls to the OEM, distributor, and the industrial market.

530BCCHASSIS1200-901/8 to 1> Dual 120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz via slide selector switch
> Adjustable horsepower settings
> Barrier terminal strip
> Packaged bridge supply (fullwave)
> 1% speed regulation; ±1/2% with tach feedback
> Adjustable Minimum speed
> Adjustable Maximum speed
> Adjustable IR Compensation
> Adjustable Linear Acceleration (0.3 to 12 sec.)
> Adjustable Linear Deceleration (0.6 to 12 sec.)
> Adjustable Current Limit
> Line voltage compensation
> 5K ohm speed pot, dial and knob included
> 50:1 speed range
> Overload capacity: 200% for one minute
> Transient voltage protection
> Inhibit circuit
> Enclosed models rated NEMA 4/12
530BRCCHASSIS-RELAY1200-901/8 to 1
530BREENCLOSED-RELAY1200-901/8 to 1
533BCCHASSIS1200-901/4 to 1½
530BCCHASSIS2400-1801/4 to 2
530BRCCHASSIS-RELAY2400-1801/4 to 2
530BREENCLOSED-RELAY2400-1801/4 to 2
533BCCHASSIS2400-180½ to 3
533BC available with limited options - please refer to Users' Manual

Horsepower settings are adjustable, see installation manual. Control is tested and calibrated for maximum horsepower in its category.