130 Reversing DC Speed Control

130 Series132HC200
130/132LC Series                                            130/132HC Series

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The 130 Series reversing control from Dart Controls utilizes Dart’s unique zero-speed detect and solid state dynamic braking circuits. These circuits eliminate the contact arcing and failed braking problems associated with other reversing and dynamic braking controls. Dart’s zero-speed detect circuit also eliminates motor plug reversing problems. In the event of a power loss or emergency stop condition, the 130 Series control will drop into a dynamic brake condition to safely and quickly bring the motor to a stop and remain there until power is reapplied and a run condition is recognized. The 130 Series control comes in a compact package and fits the industry standard footprint for both vertical and horizontal mounting.

130LC12Low / 3 per min1200-901/15 to 1/8> Adjustable horsepower settings
> Barrier terminal blocks
> Full wave bridge supply
> Adjustable Min speed
> Adjustable Max speed
> Adjustable IR compensation
> Adjustable current limit
> Fixed accel (0.5 sec)
> Line voltage compensation
> 5K speed pot, dial and knob included
> 50:1 speed range
> Overload capacity: 200% for 1 min
> Transient voltage protection
> Onboard dynamic brake resistor
> Automatic DB on power loss
> 1% speed regulation
130LC100Low / 3 per min1200-901/8 to 1/2
130HC12High / 30 per min1200-901/15 to 1/8
130HC100High / 30 per min1200-901/8 to 1
132LC25Low / 3 per min2400-1801/25 to 1/4
132LC200Low / 3 per min2400-1801/8 to 1
132HC200 High / 30 per min2400-1801/4 to 2