Food and Food Preparation

Dart products are involved in nearly every step of the production, packaging and delivery of the foods we eat every day.

seederDart Low Voltage DC drives (65 Series) and Speed Sensors (PU Series) are used to deliver seed, fertilizer and pest control products accurately.  Automation in agriculture is a booming market – Dart products are sought out for their innovative approach to controlling motor driven apparatus, especially those mounted to or powered from tractors and trucks.  food packaging


Once harvested and prepared, Dart SCR Controls (Analog and Digital) are used in OEM equipment to sort, package and label prior to shipping.


pizza ovenFinally, Dart Digital SCR and Brushless DC Controls (700 Series) are used in conveyorized cooking equipment to delivery your sandwiches, pizzas and burgers piping hot and fresh.  Dart pioneered the use of microprocessors in SCR drives in the 80’s to support important features like programmable displays (ex: bake time in MM:SS) and closed-loop accuracy.