How Dart Manages Customer’s Cost – An Example

Quality and Customer Service are terms that seem to be overused these days.  It can be said customers expect these from their suppliers, and rightfully so.

In our Management Meeting this week our Production Manager made us aware of a new policy implemented by UPS and FedEx as of January 1 – “dimensional weight”.  Previously the shipping charge on a package was determined solely by its weight, NOW it is calculated by the larger of weight or “dimensional weight” which is calculated by the box volume/166.  What this means is customers have the potential to pay the shipping cost for packing material and literally, air.

Our shipping terms are FOB factory, and the shipping cost does not impact us directly but we understand it affects our customers.  We are implementing a project to review ALL of our packaging methods to minimize and eliminate wasted space in our shipping boxes.  Further, our Customer Service team will be armed with information to inform customers at time of order entry of the opportunity to adjust their quantity to minimize shipping cost.

This is an example of the continuous effort by Dart associates to serve our customers.  This effort to minimize customer’s shipping cost will require time and expense as we likely will need to design, purchase and inventory additional box sizes.  This is just the most recent example of the effort made every day to improve our customer’s experience using Dart Controls as their drive supplier.


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