DC Motors: Why and How Brushless is Better

No matter the application, when it comes to motor technology there are several options. Within DC technology one of the first—and biggest—decisions is whether to choose a brushed or brushless DC motor.

More and more designers are choosing brushless DC (BLDC) motors for a variety of reasons, as this option has become more economically feasible of late. There are a number of benefits to BLDC motors; let’s examine why.

Brushless vs. Brushed DC Motors

Before noting the advantages of a BLDC motor, it’s important to note the distinctions. A BLDC motor is an electric motor which is must be commutated by a drive (control) – power is applied sequentially by the drive to three phases of motor windings whose resulting magnetic field opposes permanent magnets mounted on the rotor. Alternatively, brushed motors use brushes and a commutator to mechanically control the rotation; the windings are on the rotor and the permanent magnets are fixed.

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