The Multiple Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

These days, in a manufacturing landscape in which competition is at its highest, efficiency makes all the difference between mere surviving and true success.

The most profitable businesses make use of tools and strategies that eliminate waste while increasing value, and one of the most successful means of doing so is through the use of lean manufacturing. First coined and employed by Toyota, now manufacturers around the world are utilizing this technique, which simply put, means to identify what is valuable and necessary and eliminate what isn’t.

The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

For any manufacturer, lean manufacturing promises many short- and long-term benefits. Some of them include:manufacturingday4

  • Greater efficiency: Each person in the manufacturing process is working efficiently and correctly, and everyone is essentially on the same page. Problems are identified and solved more quickly, while waste is eliminated.
  • Higher Quality: The main focus of lean manufacturing is ultimately higher quality products. As problems are solved quickly and rarely reoccur, and all jobs are being done efficiently and correctly, products are consistent and quality is assured.
  • Reduced Space, waste, and inventory: Another main focus is the elimination of the unnecessary, which means less inventory is on hand, space is saved, and waste is reduced. Thus, costs are reduced, which results in savings to the company and its customers.

Advantages of Working with a Lean Manufacturing Supplier

It stands to reason that if a supplier is saving time and money while increasing efficiency and producing higher quality products, their clients will directly benefit. With reduced inventory and a successful cost management system, a customer can receive only what he needs.

For example, if you know you need only three controls this week, that is exactly what you will get. Rather than having to purchase 20-30 each month and tying up your cash and your inventory, you will purchase and receive only what you need. This results in a number of benefits, including an improved cash flow. Without even trying, you’re becoming leaner and more efficient.

At Dart Controls, we see the benefits of this to our customers on a daily basis. One of our largest clients, for instance, sends us three to four orders per day, and we complete and ship the order within 72 hours every time. Our client always gets only what they need and is always satisfied. Our score card remains 100%, year after year.


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