150 Series OEM SCR Control

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The 150D Series from Dart Controls sets a new standard for SCR drive design.  The 150D Series was developed specifically with the OEM in mind, with standard features and convenient options required for most applications.  The 150D Series is also a drive designed with the future in mind – a development platform which will soon incorporate new features not found anywhere else in the market.  The 150D Series is a superior choice for new and existing applications – it will directly replace other drives on the market without changing mounting dimensions or wiring terminations.

The state-of-the-art Surface Mount Electronics offers a circuit that is flexible and responsive, with high power density in a small footprint.  Dart’s adjustable HP design eliminates the need to manage clumsy HP resistors.  Three wiring terminations are available – spade terminal, euro terminal strip and plug-style terminal strip to accommodate machine wiring harnesses.  Fusing options allow for fusing AC line, motor armature, or both; all at the user’s discretion.  For OEM’s with ex-US sales, some models offer 90VDC output with either 120 or 240VAC supply voltage.  The printed circuit board has been designed to add components to support single or multiple fixed speeds using a switch input.  PCB board sockets allow for the development of specific, custom options the OEM may require.  Board mounted LED’s verify the presence of supply voltage, and whether the drive is in an over-current condition.

The -HSK auxiliary heat sink doubles the HP capacity when larger motors are used.  An important feature of the -HSK is it uses the SAME mounting hole pattern as the base control, with a modest 4.25″ x 4.25″ space conscious footprint.

Please call Dart Controls to order your no charge, no obligation sample of the 150D Series.  Our application specialists are always available to discuss your specific drive needs.

151L-12CCHASSIS1200-901/50 - 1/8> Single or Dual Voltage 120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz
> Adjustable horsepower settings
> Male spade terminations standard
> Full wave bridge supply
> 1% speed regulation, ±1/2% with tach feedback
> Adjustable Minimum speed
> Adjustable Maximum speed
> Adjustable IR Compensation
> Adjustable Current Limit
> Adjustable Acceleration
> Adjustable Deceleration
> Line voltage compensation
> 5K ohm speed pot, knob & dial plate
> 50:1 speed range
> Overload capacity: 200% for one minute
> Transient voltage protection
> Voltage following mode
> Inhibit circuit
151L-100CCHASSIS1200-901/8 - 1/2
153L-25CCHASSIS120/2400-90/1801/50-1/8 (90V)
1/25-1/4 (180V)
153L-200CCHASSIS120/2400-90/1801/8-1/2 (90V)
1/4-1 (180V)
153D-25CCHASSIS120/2400-90*/1801/50-1/8 (90V)
1/25-1/4 (180V)
153D-200CCHASSIS120/2400-90*/1801/8-1/2 (90V)
1/4-1 (180V)
*May be set for 0-90VDC output with 240VAC supply
-HSK OptionAuxiliary heat sink; 4.25" square x 1.5" high
-55H3 OptionIsolated voltage/mA current follower option. Field install on 'D' Series; factory install on 'L' Series
-TF OptionClosed-loop option using encoder feedback
-T OptionEuro style terminal strip
-PTPlug-style terminal strip
-F1 & -F2 Options(1) or (2) drive-mounted fuses, for AC line or motor